First Demola site in Africa launched today in Namibia

Demola Network and The National Commission on Research, Science and Technology (NCRST) of Namibia entered into an agreement to establish the first African Demola; Demola Namibia.

“The major benefit of Demola Namibia is to the young Namibia populace through the development of an innovation culture, thereby increasing the wealth of the community. This will in turn also contribute to the creation of knowledge in the whole community, and stimulate the competitiveness of companies and the academic institutions involved”, said Dr Eino Mvula, CEO of the NCRST.

“Nowadays it’s not about resources, it’s not about only technology, it’s about people and culture. It’s all about unleashing potential and energy, and how we can create big value though this centre of innovation. We are very much looking forward to facilitating and collaborating with Namibia and Europe. We are looking forward to Namibian progress and working with NCRST in particular “, said Mr Ville Kairamo from Demola Network.

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Photo by NCRST