About us - what is Demola? Participate in creating a better future.

About us - what is Demola?

Demola innovation challenges help companies and experts to build a bridge with future decision makers. For students, Demola is an opportunity to be that young visionary and participate in making the future.

Demola in brief

Demola is an international innovation challenge platform that brings together students and leading brands. With Demola, global and local organizations challenge university students to create a better future. Today, our innovation challenges bring together over 50 universities, 750,000 students and the leading companies from around the world.

Demola trademark and innovation platform is owned by Demola Global. Demola Global was established in Tampere, Finland. Now Demola operates in 18 countries: Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, France, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Portugal, Mexico, Namibia, South Africa, Slovenia, Japan, China, Nepal and Tunisia.

Our concept – Demola innovation challenges

Demola innovation challenges are designed to solve real future challenges and create new service concepts and demos. With Demola, a multidisciplinary team of university students and company’s experts work together in an innovation challenge set by the company. During an eight-week process, the team co-creates solutions to the given theme.

The Demola process is globally standardized and professionally facilitated. Challenges in Demola are complex, having a wide spectrum of possible solutions for each challenge, enabling the team members to build curiosity toward the topics.

Contracts, intellectual property rights and other legal requirements are in place and meet international business standards and practices.