Global innovation alliance

Together we challenge the old paradigms of innovation and project-based education experience. Demola brings together universities and their students to create and reshape the future with global companies. Alliance produces genuine diversity that the social and technological evolution requires

Demola’s Mission

Demola makes innovation a tool and a right for all professionals, regardless of their title or organisation. It breaks down the walls of closed and stifled innovation work and makes it efficient, affordable and fair.

Demola provides organisations and experts with a global cross-disciplinary view of the future and a modern innovation process.

In this way, the world gets a growing number of innovative companies, future-oriented professionals, and competing ideas and objectives that ensure genuine and healthy competition also in the future.

Members of the Demola Alliance

Our member Universities and Higher Education Institutions decided to change the old paradigms of innovation and education. Together, The Alliance delivers an interface to almost 700.000 students and researchers. Each member maintains its own, unique educational identity, bringing the richness of all-encompassive cross-section of modern science with the cultural and personal diversity it brings within to the Alliance.

At the same time each member shares a common vision of Demola: Demola will become a mainstay and an industrial standard of global innovation activities. Just like a global water distribution network, it will help each and every company that is thirsty for a fresh view of the future.