Participate in shaping the future

At Demola, you get to take part in creating a more meaningful future as you solve compelling real-life cases with a diverse team, consisting of professionals from partner companies and other students from various disciplines. And yes, it’s all part of your degree program.

Find cases and Apply

Choose your case and start the journey

Unique Career-Making Opportunity

Show your potential! Demola can be the best experience of your live - a stepping stone towards your dream job. Complete your CV with a unique skill-set like creative problem-solving, design thinking and demo-building. Real-life experience and contacts with global companies could be a springboard for your career.

Leave your Mark on the Future

Transform ideas into action and reshape products and services together with industry and public sector. Make an impact and tackle meaningful challenges together with experts. Ask what if and pursue right questions to be asked.

How It Works:


Follow your passion, find interesting cases and companies to apply.

Define the Future

Eight weeks of experimental working with your team to reveal new innovation sparks and explore with them.

Reap benefits

Get a global certification of participation. Earn karma & credit points In the process.

Seize the opportunity

Get recruited or continue your concept development together with your team and project partner.


Demola is open to all students of our alliance universities. Because we look for variety, it doesn’t matter in which degree program you are studying.

Demola co-creation teams are formed from partner company staff and the best possible combination of university students based on individual interests with multidisciplinary approach.

Teams work on real-life cases designed together with partner companies to explore the future. Teams validate problems, create and refine business concepts, and develop new products and services.

Make no mistake about it; Demola projects do require an effort. Here you can put your skills to the test, but you will also gain invaluable experience, insight, and new contacts. Maybe you will even discover your future career.

We apply the Demola Method, which means that all projects are clearly structured, scheduled, and facilitated. It’s a mix of design thinking, scenario approach and demo-building. This is co-creation done right, yielding real results.

Yes, You and your team will own the IP for results of each project. The partner company gets global license to the co-creation project results. Most of the Demola projects leads into further development and investments. This is all about fair trade brains.

Contact your local Demola student coordinator for further information