Demola facilitators around the world – Dayana Martín Andara from the Canary Islands

Demola presents their facilitators from around the world. As part of an international network of  14 countries, 21 locations, 100 facilitators and 20 nationalities, we are proud of participating in the inclusion of international talents in the global economy and embrace diversity. In this spirit, we will introduce our own talents from Demola international and national locations. This time, meet Dayana Martín Andara, a facilitator from the Canary Islands! 

Tell about yourself

I am 36 years old, born in the 8th of the 7 Canary Islands (Venezuela) where I lived until the age of 14. Even if I have spent more than half of my life in Europe I know I will always feel my origins; thank’s to the traditional linkage among both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. I would also introduce myself as a Dreamer. I have a natural tendency to think “what if this…” or “what if that…”. I come from a land where nothing is static. This is probably the reason why I keep asking questions and challenge situations!

I also believe dreams are easier to achieve when they are shared and followed jointly, therefore the feeling of success is greater. Dreaming is one of the concepts I emphasize the most in DEMOLA. I tell my students that “any solution is feasible, together with your teammates you can turn difficulties into opportunities and make everything work!”.

Your background

I am a curious and eager learner. I learnt Chemical Engineering enough to get my master’s degree in Tenerife, as well as some International Business tips to get my diploma in Toulouse. Later in my career at Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias, I got involved in innovation process in SMEs and entrepreneurship support strategies. Thanks to DEMOLA I discovered how powerful working with and for people is. I am also interested in human learning processes, coaching, mentoring, communication and so on. I keep learning…

If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would it be? (Example: Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow, we all die.)

Curiosity is the engine of the world.


I love spending time with my beloved family and friends. I also enjoy sharing a conversation with strangers about experiences or point of view; this help me to keep an eye out of my natural social circle. I also love to connect with nature so I enjoy trekking, sleep on warm sand beaches, swimming, snorkeling and most recently I started scuba diving.

Your aspirations!

Win the lottery, travel the world and learn to cook the traditional plates on each stop…but I never buy lottery.

Spreading the positive attitude of ‘YES, it’s possible’ among peers that are not involved in DEMOLA.

Funny fact about a project you have facilitated in the past.

One of the team I facilitated got very far on a solution even when the inner development was hidden by the company…Excellent results that the partner happily assumed.

What have you learnt in your role or being part of Demola?

The importance of a positive mindset. I have absorbed great amount of positive energy from students, I have also felt the hope and expectations from the company side towards new generations. In addition, the strength of the Regional Government and Universities to provide opportunities to the society.

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