Demola facilitators around the world – Marcus André from East-Sweden

Demola presents their facilitators from around the world. As part of an international network of  14 countries, 21 locations, 100 facilitators and 20 nationalities, we are proud of participating in the inclusion of international talents in the global economy and embrace diversity. In this spirit, we will introduce our own talents from Demola international and national locations. This time, meet Marcus André, a facilitator from the East-Sweden!

Learn more about Marcus!

Tell about yourself

I am 39 years young man, always with a smile ready! I am currently working in East Sweden as a facilitator, and I am fully involved in the BELT project. I have been working previously with Demola Network on planning the “Rookie camp” to ensure that we keep training the best co-creation facilitators in the world.

I believe in the idea of people rising to the challenge, that if we give people a little more than they can handle, they will grow into it! My general assumption is that we need to focus on strengths, and in that way make less and less room for the bad stuff. We do not have to target the bad to make it go away! I believe we have to empower the things we want the most and inspire people to do those things more often!
If you want some ideas, come to me! There are 1000+ ideas flying around all the time, some amazing, and some… well… not too great! 😊

Your background

I have an education within behaviorism, human element, psychology, team dynamics and so on. It’s not a university degree, but I studied other form of education for two years. Call me multi-disciplinary as I previously worked with almost all there is… assembly line, reptiles, youth, taxi, printers, unemployed people and so on… I am also a network technician, chef, taxi-driver and some other titles.

If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would it be? 

If you smile and walk fast, no one will notice that you are not feeling well! 🙂


Archery, rock-climbing, woodworking

Your aspirations!

Changing the world toward focusing on the positive side!
Increasing strengths rather than fighting weaknesses.

Funny fact about a project you have facilitated in the past.

One of the projects we/I facilitated had a result that was implemented in the Swedish fighter aircraft JAS 39 Gripen.

What have you learnt in your role or being part of Demola?

Our work is best performed when no one knew that you were working with them.
When your team thinks that you did not do anything, that’s when we have done the most.


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