Demola facilitators around the world – Simo Kekäläinen from Oulu

Demola presents their facilitators from around the world. As part of an international network of  14 countries, 21 locations, 100 facilitators and 20 nationalities, we are proud of participating in the inclusion of international talents in the global economy and embrace diversity. In this spirit, we will introduce our own talents from Demola international and national locations. This time, meet Simo Kekäläinen, a facilitator from Oulu, Finland! 

Tell about yourself

My name is Simo Kekäläinen and I’m a 26-year-old Demola Facilitator from the coolest entrepreneurial city in the world; Oulu, Finland. I found Demola through the University of Oulu back in 2015 and in 2016 I had one of the greatest honours of my life to start working with Demola. Since then a lot has happened to put it mildly 😃  Just mention a few: I’ve travelled and flown abroad for the very first time in my life for the Demola Summit in Sweden & Canary Islands, learnt what validation means and met tons and tons of absolutely awesome people from all around the world!

Your background

I come from a very small city called Kiuruvesi which lies almost exactly in the middle of Finland (read: nowhere). I’ve studied economics and environmental engineering in the past but on top of that I’ve always liked to study and learn interesting (and not always so important) stuff. For example, I’ve developed a fascination with national anthems and to date I’ve taught myself to sing over 30 different national anthem around the world 😀

If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would it be? (Example: Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow, we all die.)

To quote Monty Python: Always look on the bright side of life 😊


Music, languages, reading, tennis

Your aspirations!

I always wanted to become an actor/singer/speaker when I was younger and make a positive impact on the world 😃 On top of that I would like to see the world and travel to Antarctica now that I’m not so afraid of flying anymore!

Funny fact about a project you have facilitated in the past.

All the crazy ideas teams start to come up with when they are encouraged to use their creativity! They’re mad, funny and  they definitely relax people when we have courage to be ourselves! 🙂

What have you learnt in your role or being part of Demola?

That everything can be achieved and it can be achieved fast when we get rid of all the thoughts and assumptions that normally hold us back!

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Below you can find Simo’s presentation about himsef and his Demola story presented in the Demola Summit 2016 in Norrköping Sweden.