Demola Hiring Co-Creation Facilitator in Oulu

About Demola

Demola is the leading innovation ecosystem facilitating annually hundreds of co-creations projects globally.

We at Demola are driving a cultural change towards open innovation, and enhancing innovation competences both on individual and organizational levels. We drive this change through our commitment to our core values of collaborative working, creativity, openness and diversity.

Demola as an employer

Opportunity to work with the world’s largest and fastest growing innovation platform with 900+ company partners and 50+ universities. You get to work in a multidisciplinary and multicultural network with 90+ facilitators around the world. Demola also offers many opportunities for you to develop as a facilitator and as a professional in innovation and co-creation.



Twitter: @Demolanet


Facilitator’s role in Demola

Demola facilitator’s work is very diverse. We require the ability to work independently as well as part of a facilitation team with companies, students and universities.

  • Design innovation challenges together with customers
  • Demola marketing for companies, students and universities
  • Recruit talents and form multidisciplinary teams
  • Be the Demola process owner. Run a structured program and workshops for talents and project partners


You can

  • Understand service related problems/challenges of customers and end-users
  • Solve problems with natural innovative and analytical skills
  • Work with customers, business stakeholders and staff to develop customer and business centric concepts
  • Collaborate with other team members in projects
  • Support sales of service design related projects

You have

  • Excellent individual and group communication skills
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills (and a sense of humor helps!)
  • Cultural diversity understanding
  • Experience in working on research and innovation-oriented projects
  • Knowledge of the local ecosystem & culture
  • Fluency in English and Finnish
  • University degree
  • Creative and strategic thinking capability
  • Experience in working with creative people and environments
  • An eye for design and marketing (Photoshop, Adobe etc.)
  • Willingness to travel

You are

Comfortable working under pressure

Enthusiastic and objective-oriented

Outgoing & positive

A team player

Position details

Full-time position until 30.6.2018,

Location: Oulu

The position will begin in 1.1.2018

Send your application, CV and salary request to

Application period will end on 14.12.2017

Interviews will be conducted between 18th and 22nd of December