Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture will launch 15 teams in Demola Network during 2017

Ministry of Education and Culture has taken Demola as a part of their innovation development model.

“ had three teams in Demola autumn 2016. Those three teams were part of pilot in which department for General Education and Early Childhood Education tested how well Demola fits in the innovation and development model of new services as part of everyday life. Results encouraged us to go deeper!”

We have faith in youth, fresh ideas and thinking outside the box. You’ll find those in Demola network.

“In our model Demola platform is the incubator engine for new concepts out of which some are selected for piloting (agile experiments with low budget). The successful experiments are then selected for productisement. We encourage companies to join us! Results which do not fit in department’s plans can be utilized by others. Department for General Education and Early Childhood Education will have around 15 teams in Demola network during 2017.”

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