Demola For Universities

University-Business Collaboration At Its Best

For our alliance partner universities, Demola is a way to build sustainable company relationships and a vantage point to market needs.

The business contacts we provide are not valuable only for the institutions involved, but will directly benefit the students as well.

International & Interdisciplinary

Demola was born global, and we can help universities to internationalize their functions. Our approach is also interdisciplinary. We believe that the greatest innovations are created when concepts and knowledge are combined over academic, national, and cultural boundaries.

Implement Research And Acquire New Knowledge

For researchers, Demola is an avenue for implementing and validating research outputs in real-life cases. It’s also a goldmine for new topics and ideas.

At Demola theory don’t only meet practice; they interact, and knowledge flows both ways

Demola cases are about future innovations, so instead of just researching what has already been, you’ll get visibility on what will happen next.

Spice Up Your Pedagogy & Course Catalog

As you already know, students love practical courses that get them out of the classroom. Teachers can also get involved in Demola projects to help develop their pedagogic skills and methods. Demola has clear and compatible project structure that makes it easy to add Demola projects to any university’s project catalog.

Join the Demola Alliance

If you want to make your university a part of Global Demola alliance, please get in touch with the Demola Global team.