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How to start the Demola journey?

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Set up your innovation challenge.

Everything begins with a compelling challenge that speaks to the best applicants. Our professionals help you in designing your challenge.


Work with a diverse team.

Demola forms university student teams and facilitates the innovation work by using a structured process. One to three employees from your organization participate in the process as part of the team.


Utilize the talents and the results.

When the work is done, your company may use the results to inspire its own product development, hire the most suitable team members – and of course set up a bunch of new challenges.

Clients & Demola

With Demola, leading organizations challenge university students to create a better future. Our clients operate in numerous fields from industry to humanitarian work.

Reasons to join Demola

Demola is the most concrete tool to work with new, highly-educated generations. At Demola innovation challenges, carefully selected university students work together with professionals from your organization.

Get access to the best talent

Find insights and new direction to your business development

Boost your employer brand

Provide a unique working method and inspiration to your own employees

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Open innovation work and co-creation require bulletproof IPR framework. We have it all, so you don’t need to worry. As a Demola partner, your background information is covered and you are always granted parallel access rights to the results.

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