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Spot and seize tomorrow’s opportunities

You build a future-proof company. We make it easier to look further and explore futures to reach that goal. Look through the future lens with us and see the world in a new way.

Participate in interpreting new opportunities

In the modern world, entrepreneurs, industry, and ecosystems need proactive skills and culture to be looking forward. Far-sightedness means understanding the future, understanding change and trends even before they become compelling forces of change.

While there is no shortage of trend information, what does all these trends and hypes have to do with our business environment and society? What are the implications? What is relevant, what is not and what really changes the value chains or operating models from customers’, end users’ and citizens’ perspectives?

We created Demola to observe these changes, understand lead market and contexts around the world and explore opportunities and alternative action plans. We invest in global co-creation and collaborate with leaders around the world to interpret most interesting findings into concrete action plans.

Our approach

Our unique edge is our work with co-creation teams. We co-create with global teams of the most talented and motivated university students and look for weak signals, inspiring cross-industry examples, new business models, value-chain insights and changes in consumer behaviour and values.

Demola is not a traditional challenge platform for single projects. Unlike others, the insights from continuous future project chains are combined with our expert know-how to create visions of the future, IPR, and competitive advantage.

We combine, match, and curate the findings to build future-proof and actionable growth and commercialisation strategies.

Since 2011, we have co-created with over 5000 teams and had over 25000 participants from over 1100 universities around the world.

Together with our partner corporates, startups and scaleups working with us directly or participating in our regional programmes we interpret insights, create future states, and identify possible implications.

This cooperation helps us and our partners to calibrate thinking and identify new perspectives and opportunities. As a result, innovative concepts and alternative action plans are created with each of our partners to build competitive advantage.

Demola is the most concrete tool for sense-making of the different futures. Get inspired about trend-based opportunities and identify unmet needs Understand the impact of trends in your industry, future product, and services. Get insights via future leaders’ point of view and stay ahead of your customers’ expectations.

Some of our partners

What are we currently exploring?

We have learned that the most interesting findings can be found from the crossroads of different industries and contexts.

Single insights and examples often initially look naïve or irrelevant. When systematically looking for associations and ways to apply these findings in other contexts, something valuable is often found. For this we need scale, diversity of thinking and expedition mindset.

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