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I cannot login into Demola Chat

How can I create a Demola Chat account?

How do I access Demola Chat?

I would like to delete my account

Is it free to join Demola projects?

I already graduated / taking a gap year / unemployed / worked for many years…, can I still apply?

How many projects can I apply to at once? Will you send me more than one offer?

After finishing a project, can I take part again?

What if my university is not on the list of "Home institution" choices? Does it mean I am not eligible to apply?

What if my background has nothing to do with the project I am interested in?

When will I get the information about whether I’m selected or not in the project? Will you send out results even when we are not selected?

I cannot join right now, is it possible to do it sometime later this year?

How much time should I prepare for Demola project?

What do the project's final results look like? What are the evaluation formats?

I got accepted! What's next? How can I find my teammates?

Will I get my Demola certificate automatically after finishing the project?

Where can I stay up-to-date on the new projects and events?

How to use Demola Chat as an app in my computer?

I cannot login into Demola Portal

I forgot my Demola account password

How do I change my profile picture or personal information?

What is early talent engagement, and how can it benefit my organization?

What are the changing job selection criteria and preferences that organizations must consider?

How can Demola help my organization deliver experiences and showcase our competitive advantage in the labor market?

What is the power of collaboration in uncovering hidden talent?

How does investing in students help secure a competitive edge and tap into new sources of innovation?

How can Demola facilitate the incorporation of young talents perspectives into my organization's strategy?

What is the advantage of connecting with top talent from around the world through Demola?

How do I become a Demola innovation project partner?

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