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Demola brings together students and leading brands. Here you’ll find information, stories, and materials about the activities of the Europe’s largest innovation platform.

News from Demola

12.12.2022 EUGLOH Program Brought Together Talents from Five European Universities

24.11.2022 Demola Portugal: Week 6 of Projects

18.11.2022 Demola and Namibia University of Science and Technology establish Demola Hub in Namibia

13.10.2022 Demola China Intern Zoi Qiu: "Let’s Open the Black Box of Everyday Life And Our Future"

30.09.2022 Demola Portugal: Projects are out now! / Novos projetos já disponíveis!

29.09.2022 Peace Technology and Peace Entrepreneurship for Ukraine: Recap

21.09.2022 Coming Up: Peace Technology and Peace Entrepreneurship for Ukraine Workshop

15.09.2022 Demola Portugal Autumn Start: Boot Camps in Beja, Coimbra and Guarda

27.06.2022 Demola Student Ambassador: Allen's Demola Story

27.06.2022 Recap On Our Info Series: Expertise Portfolios, Alumni Guests And More

10.06.2022 Dário Santos has a passion for organic agriculture and creating new networks

28.04.2022 Case Study: Behind The Scenes, Week 5

19.04.2022 How to Orientate Yourself Towards Possible Futures

02.03.2022 Emanuel Faria: “This kind of teamwork doesn’t happen in a classroom"

02.02.2022 Future of Well-being, Satisfaction and Communities

19.01.2022 Generational gaps and how to deal with cyber threats |Team findings

16.12.2021 Thank you for 2021 activities!

02.11.2021 Innovation co-creation initiative kicks off in Zambia

22.09.2021 Portugal implements modern co-creation methodology in cooperation with Demola Global

01.09.2021 DemoTalks: E-sports today and tomorrow

26.08.2021 Akari Fujiwaka, Demola Global & Demola Hokkaido alumni: "Keep asking questions!"

16.08.2021 Alumni Yvonne Fan | Always Searching for a Better Self

03.06.2021 Alumni Anastasija Babarikina on creativity: "We realized we needed to take risks"


12.05.2021 One for Humanity – a Democratic Network for the Voice of Generation Z

26.04.2021 3-Time Alumni Pouya Lucky: “Dedication Will Take You Further Than Some Advanced Skill”

27.01.2021 Julia LI’s Story | Young Entrepreneurial Experience with Demola

21.12.2020 New regional Demola program in Catalonia

30.10.2020 Expert Talk: Introducing Tomi Kankainen, Fastems (CDO & VP)

15.10.2020 Future Expert Training: Bringing Up the Potential of International Talents

05.10.2020 My Summer of 2020 with Demola | Tongyang’s Demola Experience

30.09.2020 Maria's Story: "In Demola project I gained courage and the feeling of responsibility"

04.09.2020 Luciana’s Story: An Artist in Pursuit of Combining Passion And Starting a Business

20.08.2020 Here's the Key to Cities of Tomorrow!

06.08.2020 Demola Online|Yeji’s Online Demola Experience

08.06.2020 The science community is global. Why should students stay local?

18.05.2020 My Demola Experience, Christian Lin

05.05.2020 Demola has become a global solution for students’ project work and business internships during the pandemic

10.12.2019 KONE: Tackling the Challenge of Ageing Society in China

31.10.2019 Eight Inspiring Weeks with Students

23.09.2019 First Demola Partnerships Begin in Finland

13.06.2019 King’s College in Nepal Joins the Demola Alliance

28.05.2019 My Demola Journey: Professional Development and New Contacts

07.05.2019 “The Powerhouse of Innovation” – Demola Expanding in Hungary

24.04.2019 Demola Dictionary

09.04.2019 Demola Expanding to Shanghai

29.03.2019 Suomalaiselle teollisuudelle ainutlaatuinen ikkuna Kiinan tulevaisuuteen – ”Kiinalaiset nuoret ovat tulevaisuuden avainhenkilöitä”

14.03.2019 Demola in Japan: A New Gateway to Asia

07.03.2019 Air Force: Demola Helps to Perceive the Views of New Generations

25.01.2019 Student, 5 Reasons to Apply to Demola Challenges

Demola in numbers

  • Demola is an innovation challenge platform that brings together students and leading brands, operating internationally in 18 countries
  • Over 50 Demola Alliance Partner universities worldwide
  • Over 750 000 students who can apply to Demola innovation challenges internationally
  • Working life connections provided to over 15 000 university students
  • Demola was born in Tampere, Finland in 2008
  • Demola Global Ltd was established in 2011 as Demola started expanding in Europe

Material bank

The material bank includes the most important original logos and the most recent brochures and posters.

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