Demola For Companies

Drive Innovation and Build New Capabilities With Co-Creation

Challenge your innovation thinking and validate ideas through co-creation. Demola services complement internal R&D and university-business cooperation to enable better investment decisions.

Access To A Network Of Top Talent

Demola provides companies, big or small, access to an international network full of talent, enthusiasm, and fresh ideas that can solve your problems. Depending on the level and nature of the project, you can either assign the work to a local Demola team or have a combination of our centers working on your project.

Demola co-creation teams are formed from partner company staff and university students based on individual interests with multidisciplinary approach. Teams work on real-life cases designed together with partner companies to explore the future. Teams validate problems, create and refine business concepts, and develop new products and services.

Demola is part of universities’ education and research processes providing an unique opportunity to create inspiring combinations of knowledge.

Researchers as well as the numerous laboratories of Demola alliance universities are available to the Demola teams.

It's Not What We Do – It's How We Do It

Our Globally tried & tested working method is what makes us different. All procedures and processes, are guided by our experienced facilitators which enables effective co-creation between your employees and the project teams.

We apply the Demola Method, which means that all projects are clearly structured, scheduled, and facilitated. This is co-creation done right, yielding real results.

Get In Touch And Become A Partner Now

If you want to join the Demola as a partner, please contact Demola Global team or your local Demola site facilitation team.