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3-Time Alumni Pouya Lucky: “Dedication Will Take You Further Than Some Advanced Skill”

26 Apr 2021
by Ida Riikonen

Pouya Eghbali, or 'Lucky', as he would like to call himself, took part in three Demola projects back in the days and ended up working for the company partner of the third project. Pouya sparks positive energy and inspires us with his motivation and dedication. 

“I’m Pouya Eghbali, my family name translates to “Lucky”, so that’s why I’ve re-branded myself as Pouya Lucky!

During my studies in Tampere University of Technology, I decided to take part in a Demola project. During the project I got to know some great people and got the idea of Demola. I actually got 10 credit points out of it due to the amount of work that was involved, making videos, writing the scripts for the videos and editing them. So I really didn’t have to do a Demola projects anymore for credits, but I enjoyed it so much that I applied again. I applied for the second time and took part in a project related to breast cancer awareness campaign.”

And Third Time’s the Charm…

"I was about to graduate and, I’ll be honest with you, I joined Demola project for the third time because I wanted to find a job. I didn’t know Cavitar, the project’s company partner, beforehand, but once I was scrolling through the Demola projects, I didn’t do it randomly. I made sure to do a little bit of background research about the company and about what they do. I love photography, I love lights. The moment I heard about laser lights, I did a little bit of research on them, but I couldn’t quite understand the point of the company. At that time it wasn’t really clear to me how lasers could be used as a source of illumination for videos and Cavitar's marketing strategy was mostly towards industrial users and researchers who were already familiar with the concept. I come from the background of user experience, so for me it’s about making a connection with the audience and letting them know in the lamest terms what the product is about. Once I understood the concept, I was able to relate to it. But in the beginning – no idea! I did love the fact that they were looking for someone with marketing background and interest in making videos – well, that’s all I do now.

I was so intensely involved with the project that before the it ended, the company partners, Christian Kutschke (VP Sales & Marketing at Cavitar) and Taito Alahautala (CEO at Cavitar) contacted me and asked me if I wanted to work for them. They saw the value that I was giving to them. Well, for me it was easy to say yes,not only because it was something that I really loved doing, but the enthusiasm I saw from Taito and Christian and their support on my ideas and sharing my vision for future content was the icing on the cake for me. That was in 2019, so it’s now been two years since I started at Cavitar."

Majority of the times, life fails us for one reason or another, but the main reason is for us to learn a lesson from the failure. You will fail again and again, but that will lead us to a bigger lesson.

Which Skills Are Required for a Creative Job?

“When I started this Demola project with Cavitar, I only knew the basics of video editing. So when I got in, I had little experience! But what I had was dedication. I was working throughout the weekends, and my friends would ask me if I was paid for doing that. I told them: “No, but I know this will turn into full-time.” I think dedication is far more superior than any skill that you can have. Because other skills you can learn by being dedicated to learning them. Learn some skills, the basics of it - but show that your dedicated. That dedication will take you further than some advanced skill."

Majority of the times, life fails us for one reason or another, but the main reason is for us to learn a lesson from the failure. You will fail again and again, but that will lead us to a bigger lesson.”

What Inspires Pouya?

“Music inspires me like there’s no tomorrow. Good music can make the difference between a magical video and a totally crap video. You might have the best content in the world, but if you put the wrong music on it, it just completely changes the message.”

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