Demola has become a global solution for students’ project work and business internships during the pandemic

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Demola has become a global solution for students’ project work and business internships during the pandemic

Finnish Demola attracts the world’s top university students who are in isolation due to the coronavirus to do foresight projects. The recent influx of applicants for Demola teams indicates a high demand for online teamwork and business projects. 

This week saw the launch of the program One for Humanity, in which 27 global student teams create future scenarios of the post-pandemic world. The program received applications from 28 different countries and over a hundred different universities in two weeks. The selected students come from the world's top universities, such as Harvard and Fudan in Shanghai, but also from universities where international cooperation opportunities are limited and cooperating with businesses is new. Most applicants couldn’t be admitted to the first round of the program because of the limited number of positions in the teams. 

“We have received hundreds of applications for the program around the world because participation is no longer limited by physical presence or home university constraints. Students seek relevant content and want to be involved in changing the world during this corona-induced reconstruction,” says Ville Kairamo, CEO of Demola Global. 

Every year, a growing number of international university students participate in Demola projects. During the past year, students from 62 different countries and 420 different universities have applied to the Demola projects. 

“The pandemic forced us to change quickly, but we have also been lucky because our operations in China faced restrictive measures in the first wave, and that forced us to change our operating model immediately. We had no idea that the changes we made in China two months ago are now commonplace globally, and the reception of telecommuting is so good,” says Kairamo. 

Demola is a Finnish-based service where organizations can build future scenarios and explore the driving forces influencing the future together with university students around the world. 

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