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Recap On Our Info Series: Expertise Portfolios, Alumni Guests And More

27 Jun 2022
by Ida Riikonen

This spring and summer we hosted three info events for the new and old faces in the Demola community. At the events, we discussed the Demola process as a whole, students’ tips and best practices, and the results and their usability. We shared tips for new Demola talents and for those who have already completed their first project but are still wondering how to get the most out of the results and experience. Here is a short recap on the events and the recording links for you to watch! 

1. Demola Process: Why & How?

On the first info series session on May 5th, Jere Wessman, our Creative Director, introduced the reasoning behind the 8-week long Demola process and showed some of the findings of our recent teams. What was interesting: 1) Why look into possible futures? What kind of impact will it have on a wider scope? 2) Why should you join a co-creation project? What can you learn and gain and how can we help you? Watch the recording of the event here. 

2. From Student to Student

For the second session we invited our wonderful, couragous and inspiring alumni students Akari Fujiwaka and Alex Ramirez to tell about their experiences on taking part in multiple Demola projects. Akari is a Master's student in Hokkaido University, Japan. She advices people to communicate with their co-creation team, no matter whether the communication is more emphasized on the written/ drawn/ other visual means or on speaking. Alex is a BA student in Fine Arts & Multimedia in Polytechnic of Viseu, Portugal. One of Alex's tips for a first-timer in Demola project is to treat the project as the responsibility as it is; from the very beginning you should make sure you have the time and motivation to work on the project for the next 8 weeks. It will be worth it. You can watch the session recording here. 

3. Embloyability & Outcomes 

The last event was all about results, outcomes and their employability! Jere introduced us to more examples on what kind of concrete demos or results can be gained in a Demola process, and what is the other option — descriptive scenarios. The most important take on this event was that we all should have a personal expertise portfolio! What does a Demola project have to do with portfolio contents? Watch the recording here and you'll know!

Our autumn projects will start on September 2nd and on October 12th, and you can apply to the projects in the beginning of August! Create a Demola profile now to get the updates on the released projects. 

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