Demola Portugal Autumn Start: Boot Camps in Beja, Coimbra and Guarda

Demola Portugal Autumn Start: Boot Camps in Beja, Coimbra and Guarda

This week, teachers from 14 polytechnics around Portugal gathered together for training bootcamps in three different locations. Despite the online pre-training sessions in the summer, this was the very first time the trainees and trainers of this autumn got together to get to know each other and prepare for the big launch of autumn projects.

The participants for the boot camp hosted in Guarda were from IP Guarda, IP Leiria, IP Porto and IP Viseu. As for the boot camp in Beja, the partcipants were from IP Beja, IP Portalegre, IP Santarém, IP Setúbal, IP Tomar and IP Viana do Castelo. In Coimbra, the trainees who took part in the boot camp were from IP Coimbra, IP Bragança, IP Cávado and Ave, and IP Castelo Branco.

On Monday, the trainees, as in the future Demola facilitators, started the boot camps by getting to know insights from the previous projects. The day started with a 'tour to the future' and continued with introductions and networking. In the main focus of the boot camp, in addition to networking, was to recognise interesting project topics and to come up with an idea of what each trainee's possible project topic would be about. 

You can expect the upcoming projects to deal with the following thematics: Future of Work, Human Beings in the Modern World, Byte-powered Future, Healing the Planet and Value Creators of Tomorrow

In Beja, trainees strolling in the insight gallery learning about the previous teams' insights.

João Almeida, one of the trainers in the program, commented on the boot camp: "In Coimbra, we have excellent groups, highly motivated and engaged people and very good vibes."

Pekka Silvén, trainer as well, commented on the boot camp in Guarda: "It was clear that the trainees had high expectations and were committed to the program from the first minute. Seeing people in real life and not just through video connection was great, and it was something I had missed."

Trainees and their trainers in Coimbra

Projects for Demola Portugal program are open for the students to apply to on September 25th! There will be multiple projects available for hybrid and online attendees. If you are a student in a Portuguese polytechnic, you can join either your own polytechnic's project or check out what the other polytechnics have to offer!

Read more about the Demola Portugal program here.

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