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How to Orientate Yourself Towards Possible Futures

19 Apr 2022
by Ida Riikonen

Whether you are about to start a Demola project or just want to add some foresight thinking into your everyday life, here are a couple of tips from our community on how to start orientating for the possible futures!

1. Observe

Stay updated! Read the news, take part in webinars, read latest studies, and most importantly: discuss with people from different backgrounds. Start noticing weak signals around you. You can learn more about weak signals here. You might also order newsletters about latest innovations and insights, see for example Trendwatching. We at Demola have also started to share Friday Findings on our social media channels. Stay up-to-date and take part in the discussions!

If you prefer to listen to podcasts, there are plenty of good ones to orientate yourself for future talk. TED Talks, for example, can be found either on Spotify or on Youtube. 

BBC Future collects perspective-shifting articles on basically everything you can think of. 

It is not necessary to read a lot of theory in order to become super talented in foresight thinking, but in case you are interested, there are more theory-based books and articles about future studie. Search with 'Why Future Studies?' or 'Foundation of Future Studies', plenty others also available. Anyway, any type of reading — fiction, theory — is worth it and helps you widen your perspectives and find new possible realities. 

2. Focus on possibilities

While building scenarios, focus more on the positive futures rather than the threats. Our mind works in a way that it is easier for us to see only the present state without any change at all, or then imagine dystopias, rather than the possibilities in different scenarios. The real challenge is to find the positive alternatives! So challenge yourself into thinking about the positive what-if's. 

3. Always keep your mind open and stay curious

All in all, staying curious is the key to everything. Broaded your horizons by trying out something different from time to time and looking through the eyes of a stranger.

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