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King’s College in Nepal Joins the Demola Alliance

13 Jun 2019
by Riikka Kämppi

Demola continues expanding in Asia by signing an agreement with Nepalese higher education institute King’s College. The cooperation provides a possibility for Demola to bring together Nepalese higher education students and companies in a completely new way.

King’s College is an eminent institution in promoting entrepreneurial education in Nepal. It is also the first Nepalese higher education institute to join Demola, Europe’s largest innovation platform, as Demola and King’s College signed the cooperation agreement in May 2019.

“We see Demola as a tool capable of stitching an existing gap between Nepalese education institutions and companies. Being a globally accoladed Finnish co-creation platform, we expect Demola’s concept to nudge forward the culture of joint problem-solving in Nepal”, says Narottam Aryal, President of King’s College. 

At the heart of Demola is an 8-week project, where students and company’s experts work together in an innovation challenge set by the company.

“Demola invites companies and students to work jointly on the company problems starting from problem identification to solution development. While doing so, academia gradually earns the trust of companies and brings them closer, and companies realize the potential of students even before they graduate. The learnings and insights during the process will be an invaluable repository of knowledge and information for Nepalese academia and the industries”, says Udgum Khadka, Educational Designer of King’s College.

Gateway to the Nepalese knowledge

The agreement with King’s College is a part of Demola’s strategic expanding to Asia. In the spring 2019, Demola operations began in Shanghai, China and in 2018 in Hokkaido, Japan.

“We are proud to welcome King’s College to our Demola alliance. With this agreement, we have the capability to strengthen international networks and bring co-creation tools to Nepalese companies and society”, says Pekka Silvén, Vice President of Demola Global.


King's could be a gateway to the local knowledge and insights of Nepal for the alliance partners.

King’s College is looking forward to building strong relations with other Demola alliance universities.

“King’s could be a gateway to the local knowledge and insights of Nepal for the alliance partners. Also, we could connect the young minds of Nepal with companies under Demola network around the globe and vice versa. Likewise, King’s could learn so much collaboratively from the alliance partners. Knowledge, researches and wisdom from the alliance partners could be an invaluable resource not only for King’s but also for education ecosystem of Nepal as a whole”, says Narottam Aryal.

According to Aryal, getting to the root of complex problems and solving them becomes convenient, effective and innovative when the universities, students and companies work hand-in-hand.

“Co-creation is the need of the hour to get prepared for unprecedented future problems. We expect Demola to prepare Nepalese companies and academia to tackle such problems.”

In the first phase of cooperation, Nepalese companies will be activated to open their Demola innovation challenges during 2019. Students of King’s College are able to apply to innovation challenges globally from the beginning of June 2019.

Further information:

Vice President Pekka Silvén, Demola Global Ltd, +358 50 5909682,

President Narottam Aryal, King's College, +977 9851075631,

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