New regional Demola program in Catalonia

Dennis van den Worm

New regional Demola program in Catalonia

Demola Global, Catalonian Government and TechnoCampus jointly launched the Demola Catalonia programme. The programme will develop a co-creation process for talented and motivated university students analysing and co-developing with companies solutions to current and future challenges, helping Catalonian businesses and organizations to build future-proof strategies.

The Government of Catalonia has presented on December 17th the Demola Catalonia programme to promote a culture of open innovation between universities and companies in the region. The aim is to incorporate open innovation tools systematically to promote a mindset change and to enhance connection between academia and the productive and economic sectors, as well as to create employment and foster innovative activities to SMEs.

The program will be developed initially through a pilot taking place during the 2020-2021 academic year at the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF)-Tecnocampus, with the purpose of scaling it up to all of Catalonia in future editions. The pilot should test this methodology of co-creation, identify good practices and lay the foundations for further, sustainable development of the program throughout the Catalan university system.

The Demola Catalonia pilot programme is a hands-on approach for the National Agreement for a Knowledge Society (the Government’s Higher Education, Research, and Innovation Strategy 2024), where the main objective is to improve the innovation capacity of Catalonia, making it one of the main drivers of its economy and of social welfare. The Catalonian strategy reflects the need to strengthen the connection between the knowledge creation and application systems, as well as to fostering the participation of young talent in the process.

The Demola Catalonia Programme focuses on Generation Z, as future leaders, consumers, experts, and change-makers who could be a source of innovation, creativity and modernization for Catalonian companies and organizations. The teams will discuss and develop solutions to future challenges raised with UPF-Tecnocampus companies and close organisations. These challenges will correspond to the European strategies on energy and digital transition, sustainability and artificial intelligence.

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