Future of Well-being, Satisfaction and Communities

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Future of Well-being, Satisfaction and Communities

We at Demola Global are constantly wondering what phenomena we would like to know more about, what interests us right now, and what issues we would like to find solutions to. In the past months, we have been working with our partners on topics of interest to us, one of which is well-being and satisfaction. The next projects, which will be implemented together with XAMK, the University of Applied Sciences of South-Eastern Finland, focus on optimal working life and study, the importance of communities and the optimization of services for the elderly, among other things.

One Well-being

One of the key topics we are looking into at the moment is well-being at work and in leisure. We are asking how wellbeing and satisfaction will appear and be defined in the futureWellbeing is often viewed from the perspective of happiness. Well-being equals happiness, we think. However, happiness is only one aspect of well-being. Wellbeing researches have shown that a short-term feeling of happiness is not worth striving for, but rather one should strive for satisfaction in one's life − a situation in which different aspects of life are in balance. And in fact, instead of talking separately about well-being at work and other well-being, we should only be talking about one well-being that includes work and leisure.

Currently, we are interested in new kind of leadership as part of well-being. What would happen if future managers focused more on employee well-being; if they would prioritize it? What would happen if the well-being of the work community were the first criterion when looking at how a company is doing? If the company's growth and efficiency were not the first criteria in the company's metrics?

Our new projects starting in February will focus on the theme of well-being from different kinds of viewpoints. Projects called Students First and Five-star Company will tackle the theme from the perspectives of higher education and work. What should study or work life look like to be as optimal as possible for students or employees? What kind of expectations are created for students? How should employees’ expectations be managed? For example, if an employee expects to have as much independency as possible at work, it means that it is expected from them to be able to lead themselves.  Basically what we are asking from our teams is: what kind of company would you like to work for? What kind of environment do you want to study in?

Innit Together – hobbies and communities as part of well-being 

The theme of well-being also includes leisure, hobbies and communities. People of all ages engage in so-called disorganized hobbies such as video games, arts, crafts, frisbee golf, geocaching… Those can all be strongly associated with communities of their own, but are usually not organized by, for example, the state or a municipality, or other larger entity. The question is, how could cities and municipalities support all such community-based activities? If one does not think only about money, how else could the regions provide support and resources for community-based hobbies. How can empty spaces, materials or information of municipalities be made available to the communities?

On the other hand, we are interested in exploring how young people define 'community'. How is communality and its importance reflected in the lives of the next generation? For example, older people resent young people's way of experiencing concerts through a mobile phone, but is that the “wrong” way of experiencing things, after all? The ones who have grown in a world of virtual communities find it as a natural way of interacting with other people.

By the way, this is something that we at Demola Global, as a provider of an online platform, are also thinking about on a daily basis: how is Demola community defined and what are the factors that create the feeling of belonging in the community? We look forward to our teams starting their work in February and hearing about their ideas regarding the future of well-being!

Ready to create positive futures? 

If you are interested in exploring the future of wellbeing or some other topic with your company, contact janne@demola.net for an initial discussion.

If you are a student and want to take part in a project, you can find them regularly on our website.

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