KONE: Tackling the Challenge of Ageing Society in China

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China’s elderly population will increase from 160 million to 370 million by 2050. Kone, a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, wanted to take a deep dive into China’s ageing society with Demola. The main goal for the Demola team was to recognize the challenges that China’s elderly people will face in the future and understand how Kone might help the situation in 2050 with their state-of-the-art technology.

Better life & Wellbeing

By executing the difficult task of interviewing and observing the elderly people, the team was able to understand the motivations, actions, goals and fears of individuals and their relatives. At the same time they took a holistic view on the phenomenon of aging in Chinese context. These worked as a great foundation for designing the concepts and solution proposals.

Multiple concepts

The solution ideas were extremely varied from public transportation and new community hospital concept to social matchmaking service and shared caretaker service. Each of these concepts tackle some needs in the possible challenges China's elderly people in the future will face.

The team managed to gather good-quality background information from the elderly people, one of the most challenging end-user groups to get in touch with. By combining these findings with available research data, they were able to build clear scenarios.

The results provided lots of reasoning why the elderly people should be in more focus in the future. 

Support for the future work

The key things for Kone are the real experiences, interviews, that the team was able to produce. The results provided lots of reasoning why the elderly people should be in more focus in the future. This helps Kone in both their strategy and design work related to future solutions in China. 

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