Demola For Students

Why Just Study Cases When You Can Create Cases For Others To Study?

Demola offers university students a unique opportunity to add some real-life twist into the conventional path towards a career. At Demola, you will work in a project with a multidisciplinary team solving real-life cases together with partner companies. And yes, it’s all part of your degree program.

Who Can Join?

Any student of our partner universities can join Demola. Because we look for variety, it doesn’t matter in which degree program you are studying. Demola runs on the skills, ideas, and talent of students with various backgrounds.

Work On Real Cases

Demola teams work on real-life cases together with partner companies. For instance, teams create and refine business concepts, develop new products, or build demos and prototypes.

We apply the Demola Method, which means that all projects are clearly structured, scheduled, and facilitated. This is co-creation done right, yielding real results.

Make no mistake about it; Demola projects do require an effort. Here you can put your skills to the rest, but you will also gain invaluable experience, insight, and new contacts. Maybe you will even discover your future career.

What’s In It For Me?

All Demola projects are a part of your degree program, and you will get credits according to your course catalog. Also, your team will own the IPR for results of each project.

The partner company can purchase or license your team's creations, so there’s some money to be made as well. Partners may also want to continue the project for further development.

In Demola, I discovered an entrepreneur spirit in myself – something I hadn’t ever noticed before. I learned about working with different cultures and different ways of doing and understanding things. Any idea can grow into something big!

Eni Iduozee, Student

Thanks to Demola I have gained experience in performing under these circumstances and my self-confidence has grown: I’m bold enough to say that I can do things in practice rather than just in theory.

Joonas Kemppainen, Student

How To Apply

Please visit the website of your local Demola center for further instructions and application schedules.