Accounts and Data

I would like to delete my account

Although we hope you remain part of Demola community, you can terminate your relationship with Demola anytime for any reason by deleting your account.

Keep in mind that by deleting your account, all your data (including applications to projects, information created during participation in project teams, and participation certificates) will be permanently erased from our systems. If you wish, you should save copies of that information yourself as they are not recoverable after deletion.

To delete your account, you need to first login at Demola Account and then go to "Privacy" section and "Delete your account". There you can find the button "Delete Demola Account". You will be logged out immediately after deleting your account, and you will lose access to all Demola systems (including for example, Demola Chat).

Did it not solve your problem?

You may write an email to us. Please try to be specific and describe your problem in detail so we can help you better: